Furnishing your home in the best way possible with plants

Flowers and plants are certainly an important element of furniture in every
home... Think about it: without a floral element the rooms would be more aseptic, cold and anonymous, don’t you think?

We at Le Verzeletti obviously think they represent that extra touch that allows you to make any home YOUR home, the one that talks about you, your family or whoever shares those spaces with you.

A breath of color, warmth and personality that can make the environment even more memorable! That’s why today’s advice from our Bottega del Fiore concerns just this aspect: we want to give you a hand choosing the best plants for home furnishings, in particular for the living area. We’re ready... and you?

Small flowering plants for a more colourful living room

Small flowering plants can give your living room a country and particularly welcoming effect, especially if we place them on window sills, but also on tables and tables.
We are talking about cut flowers and small flowering plants in pots, like African Violetta, Clivia, Gardenia, Amaryllis. It will also be essential to focus on special and nice, colored or terracotta vases: these details will make the difference on the overall effect. 

Compositions of succulents for chic living rooms
The compositions of succulents represent a simple solution to furnish the living area, but also very elegant and minimal.

Their main feature is that they adapt well to any style of furniture in the room: you can ask us to help you create the combinations that are right for you or to study together the perfect floral geometry for your living room... We can’t wait to get started!

We just want to add two small observations: if there are children or pets in the area it is good to avoid the varieties that have thorns.
As for care and maintenance, however, we can really say that these plants are an extremely convenient solution: they need light but do not need to be watered often and special attention... In other words, they are within reach of everyone, even the most inexperienced.

The tropics come to your home
Are you a guy who likes to dare or who never wants to go unnoticed? Then you should consider placing in your home tropical plants such as Musa ornata (banana tree), Filodendro, Dracena.
Keep in mind that these plants thrive with moisture and light, so you will need to choose the correct location and spray water. Apart from these basic conditions, it will not be necessary a demanding care: you will just have to check the filling of the pot and carry out any repotting with fresh soil.

For any additional questions about the maintenance of tropical plants at home, we will
we invite you to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

With the orchid the elegance is at home
The orchid Phalaenopsis, symbol of beauty and elegance, is a classic and discreet choice that gives an incredible class, giving the atmosphere a
considerable impersonation.
If you prefer white you will also probably be a lover of shabby style
chic, pastel tones, gray, white.
Do you love versions with brighter colors? Then go ahead with magenta orchids or
yellow, perfect when inserted in environments with blue, cherry, burgundy.
In both cases, the scenic effect is assured... Try to believe!

By cutting the withered stem just above the knot and cleaning out the other dry parts, you can encourage the flowering of orchids, but it is important to wait for the stem to detach autonomously before cutting: in this way you will know where to cut.
For the rest, to keep the orchids healthy, our suggestions are two:
good fertilization and luminous position, far from draughts.

The bonsai for a minimal style
Do you love minimalism, angular and essential shapes? Then a bonsai would be perfect for your home! The indoor species are Ficus, Ligustro, Crassula or Schefflera: it is up to you to choose what you prefer.
If you don’t already know, we anticipate that bonsai is an investment in terms of time and dedication: it is a very delicate plant, in need of great care. The good news is, if he’s properly looked after, he’ll keep you company forever!

On the other hand, it is practically a living work of art and holds a timeless charm, especially if it fits in an industrial or urban style living room where wood is present, wenghè in particular, but also other natural shades such as those of sand and stone.

The garden in the hall with the Ficus
Are you looking for a plant that gives your environment a remarkable presence of green and nature? By choosing the Ficus benjamina for your interior you will have the
feeling of living inside a flower garden: its branches, in fact, are
majestic and luxuriant.
This plant loves light, so it is at ease in very bright environments, for example with full-glass French windows.
During the summer you could rest it outdoors, away from the sun: in this way
September, when you put her back in the house, will be in full splendor, with
shiny green leaves.
Another useful advice to keep the ficus healthy is to spray around the water plant occasionally, though not so often.

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In this article we have recommended some floral solution to furnish your home and we hope to have been helpful.
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